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1/10 R/C TT-02RR Chassis Kit

Limited Edition

This R/C model assembly kit is a tuned variant of the TT-02 shaft-driven 4WD chassis, bristling with option parts: 
oil-filled gear differential units offer near infinite setup possibilties, adjustable front and rear upper arms allow 
alteration of camber, while the hard lower deck is molded in a stylish blue. Also in the kit are aluminum propeller 
shaft and rear upright components, high performance CVA oil dampers, and full ball bearings.

Featured Components:
- New Adjustable Upper Arms 
- Oil-Filled Gear Differential Units 
- Lower Deck (Hard/Blue) (47339)
- Alu. Rear Uprights (3.0) (54733) 
- Alu. Propeller Joint (54502) 
- Alu. Propeller Shaft (54501)
- High Speed Gear Set (68T) (54500) 
- Ball Bearing Set (54476) 
- 5mm Ball Connectors (50875)
- Metal Drive Shafts & Wheel Axles 
- 5mm Alu. Short Ball Nuts (Blue) (53869)
- 5mm Alu. Ball Connectors (Blue) (53642) 
- 4mm Anodized Alu. Flange Lock Nuts (Blue) (53159)
- Medium-Narrow Racing Slicks (51049) 
- CVA Damper & Spring Set

About the Model
• This is a shaft-driven 4WD R/C chassis assembly kit. Length: 376mm, width: 182/190mm (selectable), wheelbase: 251/257mm (selectable).
• A hard lower deck component not only gives excellent rigidity and sharper performance, it is also molded in a stylish shade of blue.
• Smooth, efficient power awaits thanks to full ball bearings, aluminum propeller shaft and joint components, plus oil-filled gear differential units. 
• Use the high speed gear set to allow faster gear ratios.
• Cool blue anodized aluminum uprights give 3 degrees of toe-in to improve control and corner stability compared to standard TT-02 kit parts. 
• Uncomplicated, yet proven 4-wheel double wishbone suspension has CVA oil dampers for a superior drive.
• Racing slicks provide excellent grip that could give you the edge in a race situation.
• Compatible with TT-02, TT-01 and TT-01 Type-E bodies.

ESC: no
Transmitter: no
Receiver: no
Servo: no
Motor: no
Battery & Charger: no
LEDs: no

Tamiya nummer: 47382

EAN: 4950344473823




€ 209,00
Prijs per stuk
Aantal: Bestellen
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